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Janine Antoni :: Paper Dance

On July 11, Anna Halprin phoned to say that she was bringing the artist Janine Antoni by BAM/PFA: they had something they wanted to perform. Anna’s community and archive of treasures continually astound me—it’s not unusual for her to pull out an incredibly rare box of Fluxus materials, or to show up with a entourage of Ph.D. candidates, or a new performance idea—yet I was floored by her striking collaboration with Janine. If you were witness to the transcendent paper dance section of last February’s Parades and Changes you will instantly understand the inspiration behind this guerrilla performance in Gallery B.

Credits: Paper Dance in collaboration with Anna Halprin and performed by Janine Antoni.

01_WEBSITE_DR_BAM_DB_058.jpg Photo: Dena Beard

02_WEBSITE_DR_BAM_DB_059.jpg Photo: Dena Beard

03_WEBSITE_DR_BAM_DB_065.jpg Photo: Dena Beard

04_WEBSITE_DR_BAM_CS_09.jpg Photo: Chris Sollars

05_WEBSITE_DR_BAM_CS_15.jpg Photo: Chris Sollars

06_WEBSITE_DR_BAM_CS_41.jpg Photo: Chris Sollars

07_WEBSITE_DR_BAM_CS_43.jpg Photo: Chris Sollars

08_WEBSITE_DR_BAM_CS_24.jpg Photo: Chris Sollars

09_WEBSITE_DR_BAM_GO_09.jpg Photo: Gay Outlaw

10_WEBSITE_DR_BAM_CS_39.jpg Photo: Chris Sollars

11_WEBSITE_DR_BAM_CS_37.jpg Photo: Chris Sollars

12_WEBSITE_DR_BAM_DB_126.jpg Photo: Dena Beard

13_WEBSITE_DR_BAM_CS_62.jpg Photo: Chris Sollars

14_WEBSITE_DR_BAM_D_17.jpg Photo: Dena Beard

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