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thumb Q & A :: Anna Halprin on Parades and Changes

Legendary dancer and choreographer Anna Halprin presents the final public performance of her influential works Parades and Changes at BAM/PFA on February 15, 16, and

thumb Q & A :: V. Vale

Few figures are as important to the early San Francisco Bay Area punk scene as V. Vale. As publisher of the late seventies zine Search

thumb Plastic Verities :: Bay Area Student Film Festival 2012

Mining the rich cultural rolodex, Universal, Unique, Untouched: Bay Area Student Film Festival 2012 features recent video projects from fourteen budding Bay Area student filmmakers,

thumb Q & A :: Bonnie Ora Sherk and the Performance of Being

Bonnie Ora Sherk is a San Francisco and New York-based environmental performance sculptor, landscape architect, planner, educator, and founder of A Living Library, a

thumb From Graduation to Cannes :: An Interview With Ryan Lattanzio

Ryan Lattanzio, a student theater assistant at the PFA Theater, has been selected to serve as a jurist at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Lattanzio,

thumb Q & A :: Filmmakers Helen De Michiel and Sophie Constantinou and Berkeley's School Lunch Revolution

At many public schools, students gobble up greasy, mass-produced tater tots and pizzas, courtesy of their school district’s lunch program. In the 1990s, Berkeley parents,

thumb Q & A :: Educating High School Film Curators with Dharini Rasiah

Since 1999, a small group of students have curated Screenagers, an annual festival of film and video works made by high school students throughout the

thumb Q&A :: Judith Rosenberg and the Craft of Improvisation

Judith Rosenberg, a renowned dance musician, has composed and performed scores for faculty and students at Mills College for over thirty-five years. Since 2001, her

thumb Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video Has its Moment

Called “a long overdue reappraisal” by Artforum’s David James, Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945-2000 makes the case

thumb Q&A :: Talking Digital with Nancy Goldman

Nancy Goldman, Head of the PFA Library & Film Study Center, went to the 66th Congress of the International Federation of Film Archives /Fédération Internationale

thumb Q&A :: Projection, Kurosawa, and Technicolor with Craig Valenza

As part of our massive Akira Kurosawa retrospective, BAM/PFA will host a screening of a new print of Dodes’ka-den, the filmmaker’s first experiment with color

thumb Video :: Ari Marcopoulos spills it.

As he prepares his first mid-career survey for its next destination, Ari Marcopoulos looks back on his trajectory, from the first inklings of photography to

thumb Video :: Botero Talks Abu Ghraib

Powerful, intense, emotional, and disturbing: these four words frequently crop up in written comments left by visitors in conjunction with the exhibition, Fernando Botero: The

thumb Jancso & Pasolini

In a 1992 interview with John Gianvito, Hungarian filmmaker Mikolos Jancso speaks about his friendship with filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini. Read the full interview article

thumb Slides :: A Glimpse of Desiree Holman

On the eve of her upcoming Hammer Projects exhibit at the UCLA Hammer Museum, BAM/PFA collection artist, Desiree Holman, sounds off on her working

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