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thumb Reverberations :: Pamela Z on Defying or Surrendering to the Space

The Bay Area’s own pioneer of digital looping, Pamela Z is a composer, performer, and media artist who combines experimental extended vocal techniques, operatic bel

thumb L@TE by the Numbers

As we count down to our 100th L@TE event (coming in the fall), we thought we’d take a look back over the past few years

thumb Infor]MA[tion

On Friday, Thingamajigs Performance Group will premiere their brand-new work ]MA[ at BAM/PFA. Inheritors of the experimental, DIY spirit of Harry Partch and Lou Harrison,

thumb Positively Alphabet Street: Minnesota by the Bay

PC Muñoz’s unique genre-defying projects as an artist and producer are stylistically broad, revealing a sonic explorer equally at home with quirky electronic funk,

thumb Silent Treatments

Silence is more than a film series and gallery exhibition: it’s also a series of three L@TE performances, one each in February, March, and April.

thumb Sneak Preview :: Return of the Long String Instrument

Catch a behind-the-scenes look as Ellen Fullman gets ready for her return to L@TE this Friday. The artist will again be performing on her Long

thumb Reverberations :: Laetitia Sonami on Entrapped Sounds and Complex Austerity

Laetitia Sonami’s sound performances, live-film collaborations, and sound installations focus on issues of presence and participation. She has devised her own gestural controllers for performance,

thumb Reverberations :: Grouper on Subtle Blooms in the Periphery

Portland-based artist and UC Berkeley alum Grouper (Liz Harris) explores quietude and interiority in her music and art, and enjoyed a breakthrough success with her

thumb Reverberations :: j.frede on Colliding Lines and a Beautiful Interruption

The work of Los Angeles-based artist j.frede has run the gamut from sound art and performance to installation, sculpture, and photography. His work has been

thumb Reverberations :: David Wilson on Transcendence and the Invisible Frame

Oakland-based artist David Wilson has been making unsanctioned installations in Bay Area groves and woods, as well as related gatherings incorporating art, music, film,

thumb Q & A :: Going Underground with George Chen

Anyone who has an even modest interest in music at the outer fringes in the Bay Area has—whether knowingly or unknowingly—encountered George Chen. Since

thumb Reverberations :: Larry Ochs (Rova Saxophone Quartet) on Improvisation in the Cloud

Rova Saxophone Quartet explores the synthesis of composition and collective improvisation, creating exciting, genre-bending music that challenges and inspires. Rova (Larry Ochs, Jon Raskin, Bruce

thumb Reverberations :: Jon Leidecker (Wobbly) on Rolling Drones, Feedback, and the Imaginary Audience

Jon Leidecker performs his own music under the pseudonym Wobbly. Collaborations include recordings with Matmos, People Like Us, Negativland and Huun-Huur-Tu. In 2009 he was

thumb Machine Project's Confuse-a-tron Enlightens More than It Obscures

The Los Angeles-based art performance and installation space Machine Project produces events and programs that make rarified knowledge more accessible. Machine Project’s first L@TE event

thumb Nao Bustamante as seen on TV!

Nao Bustamante may look familiar because you are a Californian, an art enthusiast, or someone on the cutting edge of all things local and provocative.

thumb Video :: Gamelan Sekar Jaya

The Bay Area collective Gamelan Sekar Jaya performed to a rapt L@TE audience on July 30. The evening showcased Gamelan Sekar Jaya’s musician’s performing on

thumb Video :: Laetitia Sonami's River of Sound

On May 14th, sound installation artist Laetitia Sonami presented Ghost Rivers, a sculpture and performance adapted to the unique architecture of the museum for a

thumb Berman and Son

The work of Wallace Berman (1926-1976) seems to be getting more and more popular every time I turn around—or is it that a body of

thumb Slides :: Meet Caroliner

Since 1982, sound pioneers, Caroliner, the singing bull memorial band (or Caroliner, for short) has been expanding our sonic registers with their hypnotic performances.

thumb Slides :: Skank Bloc Recap

What do you get when you mix fencing, Marxist pop, Pier Paolo Pasolini, and a 1,500 sq. foot orange blob? You get Skank Bloc

thumb Slides :: Marker Dance Party

On February 12 nearly 500 people (well—475 to be exact) gathered in Gallery B for an exercise in communal art making. In collaboration with

thumb Q&A :: Skankin' with Anne Colvin

Anne Colvin is a Scottish artist based in San Francisco and a guest programmer for L@TE: Friday Nights @ BAM/PFA. Her L@TE series, Skank Bloc

thumb Video :: Museum as Instrument

Get a sneak peek behind the process of composer Ellen Fullman and her architectural approach to experimental sound. You can check out her performance at

thumb Zine Mart: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Two weeks only! Take a look at the East Bay’s rich D.I.Y. culture during Zine Mart, a special pop-up shop of ‘zines and other self-produced

thumb Introducing :: L@TE

What are you doing on Friday? In November, we launched L@TE: Friday Nights @ BAM/PFA from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. (or later) most Fridays.

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