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thumb Epilogue for the Ciampi Effect

The art is removed, the performance ends, the audience ambles toward the exits, but inevitably the museum is left with a trace of that presence.

thumb Janine Antoni :: Paper Dance

On July 11, Anna Halprin phoned to say that she was bringing the artist Janine Antoni by BAM/PFA: they had something they wanted to perform.

thumb Slides :: Collectors' Circle Studio Visits

On February 6 BAM/PFA Director Larry Rinder, Chief Curator Lucinda Barnes, and MATRIX Curator Elizabeth Thomas joined 25 members of our Collectors’ Circle for

thumb Slides :: Fall Celebration: It's Delicious

BAM/PFA’s Development Staff unveiled its signature snack at the 2009 Fall Celebration. It’s a buttery, cheesy, crunchy thing made by our friends at Strada.

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